Warehousing Service

Excellent material handling system with VNA truck on wire-guidance system the first of its kind at Kingdom Of Bahrain.

  1. Electric Counter-Balance Forklifts and Powered Pallet Trucks

  2. 16 Fully automated Dock Levellers for docking any vehicle for inbound/outbound cargo

  3. Excellent facility for storage of Ice Cream /Butter/Frozen Meat/chicken /Cheese /Egg/ Chocolate & All confectionary /Electronics/Furniture /documents and Personal effects.

  4. Full Warehouse built on a super-flat floor -a unique feature of this warehouse.

  5. All chambers fully insulated and each with separate Entrance.

  6. Racking with well-defined Location System.

  7. Re-Palletizing and shrink wrapping, Labelling

  8. Warehouse Management System (WMS)

  9. High Level Security with CCTV Monitoring 24x7

  10. Excellent Service facility and logistic support with a professional team.